Mini Mee

Mini Mee
Crustacean Saltwater

Hook : Mustad 34007, Tiemco 800s or any equivalent Size 6.
Thread :
Tail :
White Marabou, Pearl Krystalflash, Gold, silver and grey rubber Spinnerbait skirt.
Collar :
White hackle long and thin.
Body :
White thread. (could also use clear larva lace over Krystalflash or Pearl Diamond braid).
Weight :
Plated lead Dumbbell.
Weed Guard :
“V” mono with black beads on ends.

Mini Mee

Tying Instructions

1) Tie thread at hook bend.
2) Tie in short length medium clump of marabou.
3) Tie in a few strands of pearl Krystalflash.
4) Tie in 5 or 6 pieces of rubber spinnerbait skirt.
5) Tie in butt of hackle.
6) Form collar and tie off.
7) Lay a few wraps of thread over collar to lay it slightly towards the rear of the fly.
8) Form a tapered body of thread towards hook eye.
9) Take a length of 45lb mono form a ‘V’, glue a bead on each top or melt tip and while hot squeeze bead up to hot mono lump.
10) Tie in mono ‘V’ at hook eye tips down.
11) Tie in lead eyes next to mono tie point.
12) Tie off thread .
13) Coat eyes and body with a little nail polish.
14) Make a few more and go fish.

Fly Notes
Got this fly from one of the US fly mags. Knew straight away it would suit the local bream holding deep in the river side snags. Last time out for just seven casts the results where – four hits, with three bream to hand, one big one broken off amongst the snags. Great in all black too for low light conditions (evening and night).
Fishing Notes
Floating line (long leader), sink tip or intermediate even a sinking line all can be used. Get fly to bottom and flick along with pauses between strips.
Target species include, Bream, trevally, flathead.
Location Notes
Rocks, weed beds, sand and mud bars, mangroves – almost any structure.

Prey Notes

Prawn imitation, darker colourings could pass off as a crab.
Richard Carter

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