Hi all

Being a Predominantly saltwater oriented angler, most of my posts will be on this section of the site. I’ll be updating it as often as I can. Again, Just contact me at fliesnfins@gmail.com should you want to swap patterns/trade etc.

I believe in the share and share alike approach and the creation of my blogsites was to fill what I thought was missing in terms of the body of knowledge currently available online. I welcome all contributions and I promise that you’ll be credited for your efforts!.


Welcome to our fly Patterns Page


The main blog had not enough resources to maintain the fly pattern library that I wanted to make available to you, our faithful fishing fiends. So I’ll be posting flies that I use and find interesting. Successful flies will be up for sale. I’m not looking to profit. I’ll even settle for a trade with your current “gun pattern”. I just need to cover my material and shipping costs.

The Idea of this site is to allow us desk bound fly Anglers have a “catalogue” of patterns and to encourage the sharing of idea. If you want your pattern posted here, Just send me pictures and your name (tying methods will be published if you desire so) and you’ll be credited for the fly on this site.

So continue whipping those flies up!

Tight lines